Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Audtion for Latina Lead Role In A Film

I have a request for an auditon and sharing with you incase you would like to try out for a film!
Let It Cast is a great way to audition on line. The modern way to audition which says you from those long line auditions of standing around for 12 hours or more for your turn.
Let It Cast

Open Casting Call Notice

This email is sent to you by Let It Cast on behalf of the Production
This is an open casting call notice: it doesn't mean you've been specifically selected to audition
NEW! Now you can specify whether you want to receive only paid or all castings

Hi Estelle!
The following production is holding an open casting call and you're invited to audition by self-taping.
Poster    The Fetish Set Feature film (Art-house Psychological Thriller)
Directed by Shane Wheeler
Produced by Mr. Sifuentes
Filming Las Vegas Nov. 5 - 18, 2012 approx.
Union/Rate Non-union. Paid. Details on website.

  • Online audition deadline October 31, 2012 (view specific time)
  • Auditioning open to actors in CA & NV; Production won't cover travel beyond CA & NV.
  • Production will cover housing in Las Vegas.

Don't match any of the roles listed below? Then your Profile is inaccurate/incomplete. Update it.

REYNA female 25-35. Latina. Speaks Spanish & English with South American accent.
Brunette with an athletic body. She's strong and butch. This role has nudity (details on website).

ANGEL female 20-25. Caucasian.
The adorable blonde type.

JO female 25-30. Caucasian.
She's fit, smart, the alpha female. But vulnerable underneath. This role has nudity (details on website).

JACK male 40-60. Caucasian.
Trailer trash with delusions of grandeur and some bling.
Forward to a friend    Please share. The more successful we are with this film, the more castings we can offer. 

To Submit your Audition
  1. Submit as early as possible: the production may finalize casting before the deadline.
  2. Review the production information by clicking on the film's title.
  3. Click on the casting button to review the full breakdown & general casting info.
  4. Click on the role name for a fuller description & self-tape instructions.
  5. Film your video and upload it through Let It Cast for review by the production.
  6. The production will contact you (or agent) directly for any further arrangements.

About Auditioning through Let It Cast
  • Free for actors and agents.
  • Director testimonials and Casting Director testimonials.
  • Castings on Let It Cast are operated directly by the Casting Director for the project.
  • Audition videos are private and accessible only to production staff.
  • Used by leading film, TV and stage productions to enable direct audition via self-tape.
  • The aim is to favor acting & artistic expression over traditional headshot/resumé submissions.


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