Saturday, March 19, 2011

Work out at Runyon Canyon

Time to rise and shine. I wonder if a starlet came up with that phrase? Dogs up therefore I must get up. Doesn't dog know its Saturday. My day off. Dog is looking at me and using Meisner to make me get up. The look on my dogs face has a specific intention walk me or else? Else meaning turning a dry sofa into a wet sofa. My dog must have studied with Uta Hagen. Could my dog have read my book? Noooo? I have it here and I've never read it! But by osmosis we both have gotten the training benefits of my actor book collection.

O.k. I'm up but first coffee. Hat, shades, sneakers and gate remote. Where is that darn gate remote? It was in my purse. Which purse? Nope not the day purse. Ughhh, it's not in my dinner bag. Ahhh, hah on the bathroom counter? Oyyy, through the hole in the bush. Dog is being high maintenance and refuses to down grade to crawling through hole in yard. Secret treat stash sways her easily. That is from Meisner (have a secret in your back pocket). Dog falls easily to my ploy and we are off to the Coffee Bean on Sunset. It's the place you know. Even in the morning the stars are here, especially writers. You know the one's but you have yet to learn our names!!!
Long line of hipsters, rockabilly's, punk-goth, LA-prepsters and the mish-mosh of Melrose thrift style is abundant. Not to mention everyone is wearing shades.

Carmel latte to go and off to the canyon. Dog is excited as the furry 4 legged animals walk up hill to entrance of canyon to only have to walk up another hill. Life in the fast lane. Must work out to be able to fit in tiny wardrobe. It appears that Hollywood seamstress is cheap on fabric as only makes size zero clothes. Must start a fabric fund for actors one day.

Coffee is finished and dog has water. Missed yoga class again. Why is it so early? On purpose so class won't be filled with the Hangover crowd. Alright, exhausted from watching downward facing dog and hikers. Time to get ready for my big Hollywood casting director audition. Code for I could be discovered today at a casting workshop!

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