Friday, March 18, 2011

Star Pop Ups at Night

It never fails to amaze oneself when you see stars at night in LA. Oh... I meant in the sky-- but you're probably wondering what star I saw. Well.....I'll tell you. Jeff Goldblum and Kevin Spacey. What? Where you ask?
First I went out to happy hour at the famed Le Bohe'me in West Hollywood on Santa Monica Blvd. The usual suspects were there: actors, writers, film makers and the artists who you have yet to learn our names. An actor parading as a waiter enticed us to try a delicious sampling of fillet Mignon tacos, duck quesadilla and bacon wrapped dates. He was so good in "sells" that we tried both the orange margarita and raspberry white Godiva martinis which set the mood to enjoy the night.
When the sun went down we headed to Cafe Was in Hollywood on Sunset at Vine. No one goes out till it's dark in Los Angeles. Vampires mostly, creatures of the dark. O.k. stars need dark to show up!
We pulled up to the joint and entered as the paparazzi were waiting outside like buzzards circling for their crumbs. They flashed their bulbs as we starlets went into Was. The placed was packed with Hollywood hipsters. (411= people dressed in a casual creative way to sport good will mixed with designer wear) Everyone was enjoying the jazz tunes of none other than Mr. Jurassic Park himself, Jeff Goldblum. Jeff (were friends like that) played the piano as a group of really sheik 20's flappers crossed with Melrose/punk danced with each other and wrapped each other up in a pearl necklace. It was long, really long.

Jeff knew how to play up to the crowd. He has star power and is very handsome in a Buddy Holidayish vibe. He wears the rims well. rims=spectacles, glasses, eye wear. My friend Cristianne Miranda got to do a solo song with JBlum. She seemed to raise the roof as she belted out a jazz tune. Other girls popped up to sing along as Jeff and his band Mildred Snitzer played music. But when Kevin Spacey popped up to sing it was like a shooting star bursting on stage. Kevin was a very pleasant surprise to the crowd. KSpace was quite good and I'm sure he has a album coming out. I'm that confident in his skills.

I was enjoying dreamy KSpace as a director/writer guy who said he had to get his script to Spacey said hello to me. 411 You'll always meet a guy who knows the Spacey's and has a movie deal at a studio. It's part of your alluring charm as a actor to attract the real "producers" in LA. He the "producer" wants me to read for him but first I should have dinner with him. Huh? Dinner before acting? Never, I'm full from happy hour. Call my agent and book me. I'm friends with Tarrentino, you know. (The old throw out a big name. Everyone does it.) Friend=someone you know their name in LA. I do know him from watching his movies. Duh? And, I met him while serving up a baked chicken. So I can use the word "friend" technically now. Well, I'll have to tell you about that adventure next time.

I got a acting class on Saturday with a big casting director. So see you at the movies. who knows I just might pop as a break out star by then.



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