Thursday, August 9, 2012

Christopher Guest TV Series Looking for Great Comedy Actors!

Ok, only special information for my followers and subcribers. Only you know this is a secret spot fot the best insider tips from a real Hollywood actress.
Christopher Guest "Best In Show" is looking for some new comedy faces. Send your youtube link if you are a comedian waiting for your film chance to shine.
Good luck

" Christoper Guest Project looking for Improv Actors-I need your reels

Hey gang it's Aaron Krebs from AK Workshops....I just got a casting email about Christopher Guest doing a new series and looking for great comedy actors. Let's get our people in there. 
They are casting the new Christopher Guest series that shoots both here and in the UK. They're looking for the American casting now. They only have a "Very loose" idea of what they are looking for, but they know that it is real yet interesting characters. My personal guess is that they are looking for characters like most of Guest's films. GREAT COMEDY ACTOR'S WEB LINKS have been requested. 

You MUST have a viewable web link.....
If you have a link to a YouTube clip, Actor's Access, IMDB VIDEO, Website, etc that (this part is important) highlights you, is funny, you're proud of, isn't too over the top, probably not stand up, then send me the URL for it. I will add it to our AK Workshop group submission. If you have comedy friends who you think would be great for this....send them this way too. If you don't have a link, I'd up load whatever you think is good to YouTube right now and email me that URL. 

Please email it to

Deadline is Thursday night by midnight.
Better Together,
Aaron Krebs


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