Saturday, January 5, 2013

How To Publish Your Kindle Blogs

How To Publish Your Kindle Blogs:
Kindle  Blogs made easy.
1. Click here to to go to the website and log in.
2. Login with your
email name and create a user password
Getting Started made easy.

  1. Sign in or create a new Kindle publishing account.
  2. You can add blogs and apps.
  3. Add the blog name you choose to write about, preview and click approve.
  4. Complete the simple one page form. Preview it and review.
  5. Publish
    With just one click, your blog will be made available to all by the rrs feed. Choose seasonal if you will not write every month. I have a variety account about comedy, fittips, pettips, and more. I enjoy writing comedy and that makes me a joyful writer. Writing what you know and are good at will create a following. Tips: create tags so people can find you. It is up to you to promote. Social media:Twitter, Facebook, Pinetrest,Tumblr, are all good sources.  This is mine. Tell me what your new kindle blog is. Thanks for stopping by and happy blogging.

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