Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pow Wow After Class

Postponed. What? Why didn't I get the message? I was the only one there except "Mr. Big". No God. Not him. Anyone but him. What did I do to have to deal with this English, Hugh Grant look alike that sports really big attitude while wearing form fitting jeans. He used to drive a shabby thing resembling a car and now he's rolling up in a shinny new Rover. (code for Range Rover.) "Good grief Charlie Brown,"--- as if he needed anything else to inflate his ego to the size of the Good Year blimp. Mr. Grant was on the phone, of course. "Class is canceled," he mumbled to me as he continued to talk to Spielberg for his starring role in a new movie. ( Movie title: I'm too busy to talk to people whose name is not on a metro transit bus promoting their next movie.) "Spielberg" reference here=some producer but not the real Spielberg. But, you probably knew that.

So, I left his Highness behind to finish his movie deal as I went to a Pow Wow festival in Plummer park. I've never been to a Pow Wow before. I don't even know what a Pow Wow is--- except from Comic books. I bet Mr. Big English's favorite phrase from a comic book is "I'm the best there is at what I do and what I do ain't very nice." (Name the comic book quote on your comment for 10 points.) There were so many bear hats, feathers, dream catchers and buffalo flutes.

As I looked at turquoise rings, deer sling shot whistles and wolf lamps the announcer kept repeating "Don't walk into the empty space. Walk around the circle.It is blessed. Please take the extra seven steps to go around it. Some of you can use the exercise. Don't roller blade through it. Don't walk your dog through it." I started to wonder if this host is a cousin of Mr. Ego English. The host mentioned that there are raffle prizes and substance abuse counseling. Hmmmm? He must be expecting Reality show actors to come by. Perhaps he could use a rub of love oil?

So I took the seven extra steps to go around the blessed circle. Should I tell the announcer it's more like 12 steps? Nah? My eye caught a medicine lady dream catcher. It was beautiful. Next thing I know, I purchase a dolphin shaped bracelet and a wolf hat. I left the Pow Wow dressed like a warrior ready for my close up.

Feel like you missed the Pow Wow at Garner and Fountain. Have no fear as the
American Indian Talent Show will be next Saturday April 9 from 1-5 at 2025 4th Street in San Fernando, CA. Isabella has beautiful items And substance abuse counseling and raffle prizes will be available. But, please don't step into the circle!




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