Sunday, March 20, 2011

LA Marathon Gets Soaked

When people say it's raining cats and dogs what do they mean? Maybe they mean all the rain that is pouring down on all of the runners in the LA marathon.
Most actors are still in bed warm and dry. As I stretch to make coffee, I can hear the rain just plopping down from the sky. The constant drizzle of the run off and chattering raindrops is hypnotizing. Gee, I'm ready to go back to bed from the melodic down pour. But, dog must go for walk. I put on my coat, rain boots and then make a rain coat for the dog. Yep, the old Glad bag rain coat with a pink bow. It does the trick. I borrow my roommates huge beach sized umbrella--can you say he's prepared?

We walk to Sunset where my actor friends are watching the Thon. (code for Los Angeles Marathon) They are dry with drinks in hand while dancing to Katy Perry's California girls. I walk up and am handed a cocktail, bubbly champagne and pomegranate juice. We click our glasses together and make a toast, "To being warm and dry." Clink. Clink. Now, this is the way to do a Thon from the office outdoor patio with covered awning. We watch the runners straggle by soaking wet from the rain. I feel bad as it's quite cold outside. I shiver and I'm bundled up like a mummy! All the runners have on a clear plastic rain bib resembling my dogs coat. Now, that's true dedication to the art of running. We wave to the runners which seem to be encouraged that after this soggy run the first thing they are going to do is get a drink.

Stay warm and dry.


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