Saturday, January 5, 2013

Alice In Wonderland: Alice Does Twitter.

Alice In Wonderland Quotes Parody Through Twitter Tweets.

"Oh, my what is this?" Alice said as she picked up a Apple mini.

"It is mine. All mine. Mine to tweet. I tweet. tweet. tweet." The Mad hatter chimed..

"It's a funny looking bird." Alice said with a puzzled look on her face.

"It's not a bird silly. It's a cell phone. And tweet is the rage. I type something in here and click. It goes
to my 103 followers." The mad hatter said.

"You type something to tweet like a bird and people follow?" Alice said trying to understand. "That's a good many people following you."

"That's nothing the Queen has 60 million followers." The Mad Hatter said, "but that is because if they don't she'll cut their heads off."

"Where does she want them to follow her to?" Alice questioned as her eyes grew big to learn more about the mysterious twitter.

"To become popular. The more people who follow you the more you get popular, " the Mad Hatter explained.

"She does need to be a bit more popular," Alice said. "So what does she say so they follow her?"

"Follow me or off with your head. Follow, Follow Follow." The Mad Hatter said with enthusiasm. "I just retreated her tweet."

"What does it sound like?" Alice said with puzzlement.

"It doesn't sound like anything. It doesn't make any noise." The Mad Hatter squeaked.

"A tweet that doesn't sound like anything. That is a fairly odd tweet." Alice said. "So if I were to tweet would I get followers?"

"Depends what you have to offer people? " The Mad Hatter replied.

"Tea. What about tea?" Alice said suggestively.

"Tea! You can't serve tea in a tweet." The Mad Hatter yelled.

"Why not? If you can tweet with no sound then you should be able to serve tea with no tea in a tweet." Alice smartly replied back.

"You can talk about teas. High tea, black tea, gray tea, white tea, tea time and tea leaves but you can't serve tea in a tweet." The Mad Hatter said with a big sigh and then taking a deep breath.

"All this talk about tweeting is making me hungry. I am going to tell my followers to all go eat a tweet!"

"They can't eat a tweet!" The Mad Hatter boasted.

"My tweets are served with eggs and jam." Alice said.

"You can't serve eggs and jam with a tweet." The Mad Hatter said.

"I see that tweets are for eating, drinking and learning where the Queen is or isn't, so I am telling everyone to come have lunch at the Queens house at 12 noon." Alice tweeted. "She won't be back from Holiday until tomorrow.

"I guess you can serve tea with a tweet, " The Mad Hatter said as he tweeted to his followers: Lunch at the Castle: Menu: Tea, eggs and jam.

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland 
Fun with Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland

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