Monday, May 27, 2013

Looking good over 40 tricks

Eating right and knowing what to eat is the key:

Simple Pantry Slim Tricks:
1. Sweat:
Dance under the stars was popular in our day before "Dancing With The Stars."
hint. sitting while watching is not a waist slimmer solution but
dancing while watching TV is smart waist slimmer solution
2. Sauna:
Those vacations were designed to go somewhere sunny for a reason.
3. Wear your corsett.
99 cent store has elastic waist bands.
4. Get some sunshine as it makes you feel cheerful and bright.
5. Opt for coconut based nondairy ice-cream for summer sweat ideas.
6. Eat more fruits they contain fiber.
7. Increase good vegetables and add colorful veggies to each salad.
Make your own dressing: lemon, olive oil, Cayenne pepper, garlic, ginger, sea salt.
8. Chop your food into little pieces and chew your food 35 times before you swallow.
9. Exercise, dance, yoga, walk, swim, row, hike, snow board, horse riding, mowing lawn, etc. daily.
Put on your favorite music that makes you move.
10. Eat foods that are alkaline friendly.
11. Read "Stay Fit For Life" and other great books on health and diet.
12. Make your own food and skip processed & packaged foods.
13. Eat tiny meals 3-5 times day.
14. Avoid hydrogenated oil, sugar substitutes in foods.
15. Lean meats and limit consumption for those who can't do vegan.
16. Learn the facts about diary. Always best to substitute: Flax seed milk, almond milk, coconut milk, sunflower milk & chia milk.
17. Increase your good greens like kale, spinach, mustard, collards, broccoli.
18. Live life and enjoy it. Doing things you love and not worrying so much keeps you fit.

Knowing the facts and choosing wisely makes a slim, trim beautiful you.
You are the only you in the world. You can do it.
Be a stunning grandma!!!

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