Sunday, March 20, 2011

The New Glass Slipper: The Madonna Shoe

One thing is for sure--- about actors, they were clothes with a certain trade mark attitude and a aloof style. Most actors dream of walking down the red carpet in a custom made couture gown to receive their Oscar in. But, I bet they never dreamed of walking down the carpet in a Madonna shoe. Excuse me did I say Madonna shoe? Yes, I did.

Kobi Levi made a shoe worthy of being in a fine art museum. It is gold colored with cone point, microphone shoe strap and platinum blond wig heel inset. This is the new glass slipper for fairy tales. I mean it looks like Madonna herself on stage during her Blond Ambition tour. I wonder while you walk in the shoes--- if it starts to sing "Like a Virgin?" Just click twice to change the station. I mean, if Cake Boss can make a police car cake with blinking lights, moving tires and siren sounds it could be reasonable that the shoe can belt out a number of Madonnas hit songs. Andy Warhol's probably jealous and that he didn't make a Marilyn shoe. A Campbell soup can shoe? No. Definitely not. Not even in cherry red.

I wonder what's next a meat shoe? Lady Ga Ga is probably going nuts over the banana split shoe by Levi. Lady GG is probably so inspired, I bet we see her with her own line of Paparazzi worthy sky scrapper shoes in the future. I just hope she decides to eat her meat and not walk in it. I mean, I like steak tartare but must I take it with me in public? Someone might decide to put A1A sauce on it and nibble me. "Hey, mister that's my flank stiletto your munching on. "Try Ruth's Chris." I mean he's hungry and I'm worried about my shoe getting ruined. It would cause so much drama in my life. I need my shoes not to upstage me!

I'm going to make a actor shoe. It comes in an English accent, botox injected leather, and designer pocket on high heal with tiny head shot inside. It should look like a blue jean when done. The jean shoe inspired by James Dean and Mark Zucker. The Actor shoe now on sale for a mere $10,000.00, the limited addition with signed autographs. They'll be big in Europe. Now, if I only knew how to wear my hair with these shoes. Perhaps Neon Braids?? Nah, trying too hard too look young this way. Leave comment for best way to wear hair for 10 points.



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