Thursday, May 30, 2013

Make Your Visual Collage Attraction Magnet

It is time to create your visual collage.
This is your creating visual aid of things you desire to create into reality now.
Do you want a shinny new car?
What make? Two door or four door? Red or black? Standard or Automatic? Sport or Sadan?
How specific are you with your wants?
The more clear and specific you are the closer you are to pull in your dreams now.
My vintage black two door convertible standard Ferrari. It's time to have some fun in life.
It should be exciting, exhuberant, jovial, energic to put together your visual collage of your wants.
Create your wants now. Energize them. See them. Ask for them. Get them. Enjoy them.

Do you want to jet set and travel to Paris, France, Lake Como, Italy, London, England or Saint Tropez?
Are you seeing it? When are you going? Summer or Winter? Beach or City? How are you traveling? With how? Are you specific? Can you see it and feel it with excitement and enthusiasm. Are you joyful about this choice. Post your picture on your visual board now.
I am jet setting to South of France, Saint Tropez darling for the summer. I am staying at a Four Star Resort and enjoy the rock beach, umbrellas and cocktail. I'll be writing one of my great books like "Margaret Merlin's Journal Part IV. The Adventure of The Black Sapphire.

Who will I be jet setting with? Who will you be with? Do you see your man? Is he tall or short?  See the end result and get jazzed up. Clap your hands. Are you saying I attract good into my life now. I am recieving good into my life now. Every day I am attracting better and better things into my life. My finances are increasing every day. My love life is amazing. My life is amazing. I am joyful for abundance in my life. I am thankful for health in my body, soul and spirit. I am happy with life. I am thankful for blessings of health. I am thankful for my checking and savings account increasing every day. I am happy. I am now on my path to meet my great guy. I am ready for a great guy in my life. I am smiling and dancing with life's good. I believe I deserve good things and can have good things now. I know there is a great guy who I want who also wants me. I know my guy will have great qualities. My guy is dashing, smart, intelligent, preppy, sweet, fun, respectful and chemistry galore.

I am ready to receive my good. I see my good. I deserve my good. I am worthy of good things. Good things are now manifesting for me now. I am enjoying great health, increase in finances and a great guy in my life. I am enjoying confidence now. I am happy with myself. I love myself. I am confident. I am enjoying a increase in my finances everyday.
Do yo see the new confident, smart, intelligent, resourceful, beautiful you who deserves all the good things life has to offer? There is plenty in life. There is more than enough in life. The world is limitless. Ask for yours and enjoy some of the abundance, joy,happiness, sweet, beautiful things in life? Experience a more beautiful, opulent, luxurious, fun, creative, inventive, successful, joyful life. Break the fear and ask for your dreams. Make your present list and receive. It is time to receive. What did you ask for today? What actions did you take to achieve those goals? What loving thing did you do for yourself today? It is ok and right to pamper yourself. Indulge in treating yourself. Experience the joy of feeling good and honoring yourself with self love.
It's fun to enjoy the beautiful things in life. You look better, you feel better. You radiate a healthy and happy glow. You become more kind, more inventive, more resourceful and attractive. Dare yourself to achieve your dreams. Go after them. Achieve and be the best you you can.
What presents did you manifest for yourself today? What financial windfalls happened today? What job offers came out of the blue? What invention did you come up with? When is the wedding? Seeing is believing so make your visual collage attraction board today.
Do you see the beach vacation yet? Post your photos now. You going Summer or Fall? Italy or France?

Italy and France you say! Good for you. Dream big. Did you forget something? Who you taking? It's fun to go on vacation with friends or your man. See it. Great. Sipping your pina colada on the sandy beach in Saint Tropez on August 1...this year. "Josh, I'd love to go for a walk on the beach with you after we take a dip in the ocean."

It's fun to create, dream and stimulate your mind to attract your good into your life. Don't let your dreams fade away. Energize them daily by speaking them into existence. They can happen. "These requests or something great and better are now manifesting for my highest good easily, effortlessly harmoniously now." Thank you universes for being abundant and making me the happiest person on earth. Life is good! Go for your dreams now


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