Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trying on Brad Pitt's Hat & Then Shooting It

Hat maker to the Stars gives Johnny Depp get the Beaver treatment. That is Beaver leather Fedora hats with bow custom made by Gunner Foxx. Foxx uses a pencil to roll up the brims on his fedora's and shoots a .38 to leave his 3 hole mark on his hats. A custom made bullet shot hat will run you around $1800 and include a life time warranty with a personal serial # of authenticity. You will be among the elite hat wearers, like Slash, Brad Pitt, Depp and DiCaprio. Gunner is one of five people int he country that still do Victorian style hat making. He has done over 300 films including "The Gangs of New York" and "Alice in Wonderland." If you sit on your hat or your dog chews it, Foxx will give it a full restoration. I enjoyed the Paper Boy hats and got to try on the Benjamin Button hat worn by no other than Brad Pitt. Hey, how's my close up Mr. de Mille? Stop by the Schaeffers Garment Hotel on 7517 Sunset and get a herringbone tweed newsie today. You just might leave in a pair of vintage World War 2 boots, bomber jacket and then get mistaken as the new lead for the next Indiana Jones film. But please don't shoot a Beaver, Justin Bieber or your own hat, leave that to Gunner. He is the mad hatter to the stars and me!!!


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