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Top 10 Youtube Stars & Their Success Keys

Top 10 Highest Youtube Stars making over $100,000.00 for getting millions of views and subscribers.
How do they do it? What is their secret? Let's explore and learn the keys to the YouTube kingdom, partnership.  *Easy tip: Make a super great parody of their video and  be one of the first to do it! *
1. Psy's Gangnam Style 
Can you say a billion views? Is it because it has music, rhythm, dance, cool glasses, great beat or pink preppy shorts while lounging on  a fold out chair at a sunny beach?
This dance reminds me a cowboy roping a horse and Madonna's Vogue famous hand movements. But this video is tre fashionable with hip Audrey "Break Fast at Tiffany's black sun glasses and fat beats.

2. Shane Dawson, Harlem Shake your average high school student making videos in the living room while Mom is away working for a living.
Similarity $$$ keys: Pink, sunglasses, fast beats, dance movements with your favorite kid character Barney, some new superhero in tights & hanging out with friends who seem to not notice all the back bends and contortions by the guy in costume.

3. Dane Boedigheimer, voice of the Annoying Orange.
What can I say but he has the mono ply on annoying oranges! He and his high pitched cartoon voice has taken a bite out of the youtube viewers and belches to prove it. Color-orange.  1 million subscribers

4. Philip DeFranco
Politics, quick talking news with funny comedic vibe.
Not too shabby to look at while you  listen in speed code. Zoooooooooooooom!
Accent goes in and out. First thought he was English but then the accent left and then came back and left.
He's a talker just like Betty Croker is a baker. Fun, informative speed news.

5. Ryan Higga
Cute, young and has gangster style.
Success, $$$ keys on YouTube: style, fashion, pimple faced, baby face, sunglasses, cool shorts, fast beats & friends hanging out in your living room as someone does ninja or gangster moves. Oh, yes, forgot slapping or prancing around in tight pants. Made up words, lessons, cuss words, karate moves & new fashionable dance moves with homies.

6. Fred, aka Lucas Cruikshank. A cuttie pie, high school pimple faced teenager with screeching high pitched voice talking about.....I mean speed talking about his amazing daily journeys with his friends & swimming.
Success $$$$ key YouTube themes: Annoying, high pitched voice, spectacular humor "not" but the fans like him anyway, speed talking, filming in your living room, orange shorts, fake blow up pool beach, talking to blow up toys as if they are real, and off camera voice over by "sexy" female & wet t-shirt.
He is energetic and creates stories where he calls himself a "looser" oh I mean his friend is a "looser."
Well Fred is no looser with millions of views, his own Hollywood movie and millions of subscribers.
Stay tunned to see Fred make it to the beach! Maybe he'll come to California so I can say hi.

7. Shay Carl
DJ and comedy skits by shaggy bearded guy with big smile and a stomach full of six packs. Did I mention a shaggy beard covering the whold face with a big shadow. Just think of all the people who went to Second City, Improv, The Comedy Store, Upright Citizens Brigade, Groundings are probably pissed they paid for all those classes. Could have been making skits and uploading to YouTube instead.
Singing songs in your living room with friends, colorful decorations, dancing pants backside, things spilling, things breaking, wet t-shirt and silly words of a familiar song for the holidays or annoying your wife while camera rolls.
This is slower than the rest of the videos but familiar success themes on YouTube: water cooler, blind fold, creative stories about a made up life while filming in your living room.

8. SMOSH, comedy duo! Move over Batman and Robin we've got Ian Hecox and Anthony Pidilla
making videos to the tune of millions of views.
Young guys with soothing voices and styled hair with great hair gel. Hey they want to get dates so maybe that's why they got all those views?
Nope the success $$$ theme for many views on YouTube is: young males with brown hair and fashionable suites with white bow ties, filming out of home, great stories written by top writers, actors, producers, directors in the world, saying the word or screaming the word "Susie Schnitzel", "sucks" or "wiener."
More success keys: cuss words, cutesy pie young guys with brown hair, helpful rules or lessons to help viewers like how to get a date, friends in costumes and great story lines out of your living room or bedroom.

9. The Young Turks
Political talk show with Host Cenk Uygur
Over 1 billion views. Austin Powers has nothing on Cenk and his Young Turks.
Only thing, I didn't find the young turks. Maybe they are hanging out with Annoying orange.

10. Minecraft Sky
They have over 1 million subscribers. 1,000,000.
Most people are trying to get 10,000 views and 100 subscribers but these young high school guys
are laughing all the way to the YouTube subscriber bank.
Fun things, increasing volume while talking and then going back down and then back UP again.
Mindless chatter while a video game with a Lego like character in his game while suddenly breaking news by radio DJ host in living room congratulate Minecraft for getting one million subscribers in one month.
Young guys with brown hair, wearing fashionable every day t-shirts,  sunglasses, friends who jump into the video, having a sky army.
Success keys: Having friends to play videos with you, dogs who fart, video games, good tunes, fashionable t-shirts, brown hair, high school age, sunglasses and good lighting in your living room.

11. Fellininjr Bonus. Roof Top Jumping
Keys to success: young guys with shorts, sunglasses, pool, wet t-shirts, dare devils, filming with friends out of living room or roof top in Bel Air, California, jumping competition, cute girls, furry dogs & big giant splashes into the pool from roof top.

Some other big view videos:
Jenna Marbles over a billion views.  Yes had our favorite success keys.
Don Omar
Waka Waka
Charlie Bit My Finger
Jennifer Lopez
Justin Bieber Baby
Jenna Marbles, She talks about getting drunk in your living room and has over a  billion views!! $$$$$

What are your favorite videos from my list?
What are your favorite videos that are not on my list?
If you are strictly a trained "real" actor and want to make it the old fashion way by studying & auditioning
this funny & outrageous hilarious video is for you!!!!
**How To Get A Hollywood Agent by the new runaway hit video. LOL!**

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