Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Mexico A Great Film Tax State to make Films

New Mexico is a great new place to film TV and films. It has a excellent tax incentative and close flights from Los Angeles to send cast over.
It is a magical country with immense beauty.

Tax Credit Incentive:

Application for TAX Credit Claim from New Mexico

Film Production TAX Credit Claim Form

Declaration of Residency:

Guidelines for Film Production

CPA Review Check Sheet

Sample Work Papers Identifying Exceptions

Electronic Filing:

If you have need of cast or crew for your next film please post castings at:
Film Casting & Job Board Los Angeles Facebook group.

Film Tips:
Go to the showbiz store and for $40 you van get the 2013 labor rates for all unions.
2013-14 Labor Rates disc from Entertainment Partners for $29.99. You can go to the EP web site for purchase.

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