Friday, August 2, 2013

Hollywood Movie Casting

If you are a local Los Angeles actor and fit one of these roles then submit to the feature film.


Genre: Family Drama
Audition Dates:  August 12th, 13th, 14th, 2013
Audition Location:  Westlake Village
Shoot:  Los Angeles area

Rate:  $110 per day (non-union)


TOM:  Caucasian male, 30 to 40. Rugged, attractive, athletic fireman. Husband to Jane, father to Trent. Loves his family. Good sense of humor. Very at home in the outdoors, though his new job as Forest Ranger will come close to overwhelming him.

JANE: Caucasian female, 29 to 35. Attractive Mom. Wife of Tom, mother to Trent. Great sense of humor. Fit, smart, very verbal and very likeable. She's willing to take on any challenge, but sometimes finds herself in over her head.

TRENT: Caucasian male, 10 to 12. Son of Tom and Jane. Athletic. He idolizes his fireman Dad. He has a young boy's eagerness, with a natural curiosity and an awe of the forest and its animals. Must be comfortable with dogs.

MARISSA:  Caucasian female, 18 to 24. Attractive and athletic college student studying wildlife. She very intelligent, with an inner calm and a deep-seated love of animals.

PETE:  Caucasian male, 49 to 60. Rugged Forest Ranger Supervisor. He loves the wilderness and has a kind and fatherly attitude.

FLO: Caucasian female, 49 to 60. A widow with a witty and sharp character. She's unafraid to speak her mind and is naturally friendly and open. SOUTHERN ACCENT A PLUS.

ARTHUR:  Caucasian male, 60 to 70. A retired British adventurer who has seen the world and now works in the wilderness. He is larger than life, with a joyful attitude. He loves to tell tales. BRITISH ACCENT A MUST.

GREG:  Caucasian male, 19 to 24. Attractive college student working as a forest fire spotter in the wilderness. He has a natural shyness and sweetness.

CLAIRE:  Caucasian female, 18 to 24. Attractive, athletic and cheerful. She is Steve's girlfriend. She loves the outdoors, and hiking is her favorite sport.

STEVE:  Caucasian male, 19 to 24. Boyfriend of Claire. Very unsure about the great outdoors, though he wants to please Claire. He's a real tenderfoot. A comical role.

ANGELO:  Italian male, 50's. Tourist who speaks no English. Husband to Concetta. He earnest though confused. A comical role. ALL HIS DIALOGUE IS IN ITALIAN.

CONCETTA:  Italian female, 40 to 50. Tourist who speaks no English. Wife to Angelo. She's long-suffering and spirited. A comical role. ALL HER DIALOGUE IS IN ITALIAN.

Subscribe/comment/leave name/contact phone #/email/ where you live/ current training, where you trained, what are the last 3 recent credits and roles you played on TV or film?

Pop by the Film & TV casting job board if you like:

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At August 2, 2013 at 10:57 PM , Blogger ankush rai said...

I am Ankush Rai and i work as Actor,i have done a feature lenth and many short films and ad.Basically i am a theatre artist and i still do theatres.I want to be the part of the upcoming projects so please let me know if there is something for me.and please revert me back via email so i can send you my whole profile.

Ankush Rai

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