Friday, August 2, 2013

Casting Host For Travel Show

Ok, I know. I know. The hot blonde and hot guy is wanted. So, I can't submit either.
But if this is you let me know. Subscribe and send me your info so I can submit you.
Lucky hot stuff!
The casting has sterotype appeal and is what casting has requested on behalf of client.
CASTING PEOPLE WHO LOVE TRAVEL, CULTURE, FASHION, DESIGN, MUSIC, ETC. to host a new international travel television show.

We're looking for guys and girls ages 22-35 approximately (see ROLES below) for this international travel show aimed at the contemporary, young, hip traveler looking to experience a new city as an insider.  The show may include a trip to the latest pop-up restaurant, an underground music festival, or a new art opening in an up and coming part of town. It will have an easy spontaneous feel with a strong design aesthetic.

On-air or hosting experience is NOT required, but is certainly a plus.

Casting unique and charismatic taste makers who have a passion for travel and an expertise in their unique field of fashion, design, music, food, architecture, art or athletics.  The cast must be able to give educated and informed commentary and perspective as they explore some of the most dynamic, cosmopolitan places on the planet.  The look and tone of the show is contemporary, modern, stylish and hip.

This shoot is for the sizzle for an up-and-coming Production Company aimed at creating a multi-tiered travel brand with an online interactive web component to go along with TV programming.

Looking for unique culturally and ethnically diverse individuals.  Someone well-known or a rising star in the cultural arts (fashion, design, music, food, architecture, art or athletics).

We are looking for real people who are relatable.  Looking for unique culturally and ethnically diverse individuals.  Someone well-known or a rising star in the cultural arts (fashion, design, music, food, architecture, art or athletics).

Shoot Date:  Sizzle/pilot shot scheduled for early September, 2013.
Shoot location:  Sizzle /Pilot shoot in Los Angeles.  If you are not an LA local, we will cover travel and accommodations for shoot.
Series shoot:  Must have the flexibility to travel internationally for weeks at a time if pilot gets picked up for series.

There is pay for the sizzle (and the series if it gets picked up) - Negotiable depending upon experience.
Union:  Open to union and non-union


Female / 22-32 / All ethnicities.
 Bridget Bardot bombshell type with a taste for Bangkok markets and backpacking through Burma.  She's a photojournalist.  Oh and she might just hold a Masters in postmodern architecture.  Heart breaker, take a number.  Think Sofia Vergas, Sophia Lauren, Adrian Lima.

Male / 25-35/ All ethnicities.
A young Anthony Bourdain type: Bad boy possibly rides a motorcycle, drinks aged scotch, and has a passion for contemporary art and design.  He is known in galleries from LA to Berlin.  Lives for the moment.  Possibly speaks fluent Cantonese and plays the flamenco guitar. The type who  always gets the girl.

Male / 25-35 / All ethnicities.
 Dapper, smart, cultivated and classy.  The counterpart to the bad boy.  He may not always get the girl but he gets the best girl.  NASA Mohwak Guy.  A scientist or author or magazine editor.  He'll surprise you with his ability to get the job done.  To hack his way onto the most exclusive guest lists in Cannes or talk his way out of a dicey situation at a Moroccan market.


Be sure to include:
1.  Your name (first and last)
2.  Contact phone number
3.  City/State where you live
4.  A brief bio about you, your passion for travel, culture/design/music/etc., and why you'd be great for this show.
5.  If you have any hosting, on-air, or acting experience, please include a resume, and/or links to any online video showing your work
6.  Recent photos (jpg format please)

7. Subscribe
8. Send me your info: contact/name/phone/email with details requested.
9. Standard agency fee if you are booked.

Good luck Travelers. Lucky Hosts will get paid and tour the world!

More at  Film casting & job board Los Angeles network group.

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