Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Realty TV Casting: Do you have a interesting hobby or family business?

Have you ever wanted to Star in your own TV series? 
Do you have the skills to be the next "Cake Boss" ,"Duck Dynasty" or "Pawn Stars?" 
If you think you have a cool, interesting and marketable profession or hobby please subscribe and submit. 
Do you have a unique group of girl friends who sky dive, cook, travel, surgeons, health experts, designers?
Do you have a eclectic group of guys who wrestle,  chess champions, horesback trick riders, pilots, black jack expert, etc?
Is it something the public will want to watch and learn about or enjoy watching your big personality and interesting hobby?
Then submit to be in your own reality show. 
We are working with 5 of the biggest Reality Production Companies in Los Anges and we need YOU!? What we need are characters. Groups of people in LA or out of LA.. Interesting Family owned businesses. Groups of women or men that work together or have a hobby that they do together. People with unique talents or interests?? We are not looking for concepts or show ideas we are strictly looking for interesting people to develop a show about. 
PEOPLE DO NOT NEED TO BE IN LA! Agency fee is standard 15%. Leave name/contact phone #/email/specific talent/unique world/life: 
examples: Pawn Shop, cake baker, duck hunter, ice trucker, rich world, Amish world, Tiera crown pageant kid world. 
Your skill/hobby or family business: must be specific business or skill: knitting club, quilting club, yoga expert club, black belt club.
1.  Your name (first and last)
2.  Contact phone number: leave message with area code/phone #/email
3.  Brief description why you think you have what it takes to win
4.  Recent photo (jpg format please)
More castings at  at Film Casting & Job Board Los Angeles Facebook group.

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