Monday, August 5, 2013

Crowd Funding Your Movie: Social Media Groups to Help Your Project Succeed

So what is crowd funding, Indiegogo or Kick Starter? Free money for films?
Most people  are now using crowdfunding to help make movies, web series, TV or film pilots, music albuns,
books and even start up business.
So how can you be successful?
Here are some great social groups to attract investors and fans for the success of your projects: 
Like any start up the more money you invest the more likely investors will want to put their money into your project. The more credits you have as having completed a project the higher chances that someone will want to invest in you to support you. Investors want to know if they fund your project it will be completed.
For films investors might like: comic books, movies based on books, producers who have produced before, fan based projects and great screenplays. It is true people who have a track record of producing, directing and acting have a higher chance to succeed because they have fan base already and they can get support easier.
But, if you really have something that people like from a graphic novel, new clothing line, great screenplay, great product, amazing singer you just might find your own audience who supports you to succeed. Usually signed copies of posters, artwork, t-shirts, hats, walk on roles, premier invite are extra incentives to attract investors.  But if you have a solid team: producer, director, actor, crew, screenplay with a great foundation "the product" it can succeed.
It does take a lot of work and time to promote, network and use social media to find your audience out there.  Some social media sites to support Crowd Funding projects are:

Crowd Funding Network:

This group of over 1000 members pick projects and highlights them for the public. There is a honesty pledge to investor to make sure the project is completed.

Crowd Funding Films:

Crowd Funding- Shorts, webseries, comic books & films:

Crowd Funding Books:

Crowd Funding for Mobile apps

Film & TV Network:

A place to meet directors/producers/actors/crew/make up/costume designers/catering/composers, etc.

Film Casting & Job Board Los Angeles:

YouTube Turbo Boost:

Comic Book Creators, Publishers & Fans:

Children's Books, Reviews, Writers & Illustrators:
Find your illustrator, editor and then get bloggers to review your indiegogo or KickStarter book project and attract readers/fans & investors.
Discover & Fund. Greenlight Crowdfunding is a crowdfunding platform for online fundraising for the Creative Arts & Entertainment Industry!

Celebrity & Pop Culture Bloggers:

Get bloggers to review your screenplay or Kickstarter project to get more views and promote your project.
They can help you to succeed if they give it good reviews which means investors $$$$.

Book Club:
Be part of book clubs where readers like to read and learn about new books and Crowdfunding, Indiegogo or Kick starter projects. Widen your fan base and promote your projects.

Gamers & Animator Network:

Animation, games and interactive apps are great tools to have for your project. Investors like these type of projects.

Fashion Bloggers:
A great project to support is a new book about a Royal Bear named Jack.
Jack The Bear And Golden Hair
"Winnie The Pooh" meets "Alice In Wonderland" with a twist of "Snow White" classic fairy tale.

He is the King of the Ever Ever Forest and when a protection enchantment is broken by the Evil Queen, Meanthia she will take over the Forest and make all the animals her factory workers.
However, a little girl will stumble into the Forest and her destiny will be to use her powers to fight the Queen with a little help from Jack to restore her confidence.

Writer is an award winning writer & filmmaker Marylin Hebert.
Illustrator is an amazing talented Italian Illustrator: sample art work:
Donations to paypal: Please support this wonderful book project for kids.
Positive messages about finding your true destiny and using the gift inside of you to shine.

Success, prosperity and may all of your Crowdfunding projects succeed.

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