Friday, August 23, 2013

YouTube Kickstarter For Video Producers!

TubeStart is a new way to help video filmmakers make film with crowd funding support developed specifically for YouTube.
If you are a write, director, producer or actor now is the time to create and producer your videos, web series and films.
Finally, a place for creatives to be inspired to make their masterpieces or social media entertainment videos.
Campaigns for $500 - $500,000.00 or subscriptions for $5 or $150 monthly.
I believe that the 99 Cent model works well for I-tunes, eBooks and should be great model for video makers as well.
Since views are keys for advertisers, YouTube will connect the video maker directly with the fans. This is a real game changer.
Slated crowdfunding is for the advanced professional filmmaker with actor/director & producer attachments who have film box office credits.
Maker Studio is a online platform to watch out for and learn more about.

A great project and filmmaker on YouTube is fellinijr. Fellinijr is an award winning filmmaker whose comedies have placed top 50 in Project Green Light and top 5 for CBS.
Check out some up and coming rising stars on YouTube:
"The Bachelor" & "Chopped" then you'll love "Recipe For Love."
Top 12 campaigns at Indiego 2012

If you are a actor, writer, director or crew in Los Angeles be part of the next great web series.
Send your contact phone/email and roles you play. This is for credit to be part of the pilot to create for a Crowdfunding campaign.  Serious actors and crew only in the Los Angeles area.
Film Casting & Job Board Los Angeles   (send contact details here to audition for the web series.)

If you are a student filmmaker this might be a good spot for you:

Student Film Channel | Stream Youth & College Videos Online

Crowdfunding group on Facebook:

Be part of the next great web series and send your info if you are in Los Angeles.

Jack The Bear And Golden Hair

Film & TV network group over 3500 members

Good luck and make videos!

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