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Top 10 Prosperity Affirmations for 2014

Are you ready to get more money, abundance, wealth, success and prosperity in 2014?
Then practice your Top 10 Prosperity Affirmations for 2014!
1. I love money and money loves me.
It is your birth right to have abundance. So make a wish and ask for your share now. Happy Birthday.
Faster results tip: be open, receptive and ready to receive money.

How do you see your story book of life? Do you believe dreams come true? What do you see and envision for your life?  All the world's a stage and life is just the play you direct, write, producer and star in.
Make it a good one!!! Best seller: "The Story Of Your Success" by You
Start making a mental picture in your mind of how you would like your life/home/husband/career to be.
Likes attract likes. Who do you hang out with smart and  successful people? Or do you have a chat group that chit chats about all the people who have stuff and you don't! Speak only what you want. Rember playing pretend as a kid. Create good things in your life.

Find a mentor, read a book on people you would like to emulate and be more like.
Remember Perez Hilton the blogger? He blogged about famous people and now he is famous and making money!!!
Work on any old values about money and any negative beliefs about money and be ready to
receive; avalanches of abundance from the North, South, East and West.
Good reads about wealth and money:
2. I am open to receive abundance of money from the universe now.

If you like add: Amen So be it. So it is! Now!
How do you get something you wanted? Be open and ask for miracles. Demand more self worth, respect, love, abundance, pay, joy, etc. Your worth it. Seek and ye shall find and receive. Ask and ye shall receive!
Remember as a little kid you asked the local Santa at the mall for a shinny red bike with horn?
You even had a list and wrote down the exact details of your bike plus you included the make, model and color.
A true Miracle.  4 vets including top neurologist told dog owner to put the dog down as she was terminal & couldn't walk. She is walking and alive. Ask, believe and receive your miracles now. 
The power of the mind & love. See video below of the famous dog.
Why as adults do we forget to ask the Universe for what we want? Why are we suddenly shy about
asking for a new car. A  new car is dependable, working and will be safe to get you from home, work, vacations, shopping, groceries and picking up the kids.  A ratty old car will most likely break down and cost more money.
It is ok to ask for good things as they might be safer for you and more economical in the long run.

3. I am in a abundant receiving state for extra money.
Step into your new life of more than enough money with extra money in your checking accounts!
Indulge if you dare. Get in and take a ride.

Are you a jet setter? Do you enjoy spending money and getting new things for yourself? Do you like to have fun and pamper yourself.
Okay, want to go slower? Baby steps. Ask for extra money after your rent/mortgage/car payments and bills are paid for. Do 1 thing a day to treat and indulge yourself. Ask for more. Recieve more. Get yourself something you'd enjoy:

new shoes whether it is a new pair of cozy sneakers, lil black dress, warm blanket,  tea pot, china, coffee mug, hair band, socks, bra, undies, make up, belt, tennis racket, bowling ball, tool kit, fishing rod, bike, book, dvd, kindle tablet, i-pad, i-phone, lap top, head phones, sheets, etc. Just do it! Ask and receive new nice things you enjoy and consider a SPLURGE or INDULGENCE.
You decide if you want a hundred dollar life or a Millionaire life because others are asking for a Billionaire/Mogul life. And getting it!!!

How do you get money? You go to work,  play the lottery and win, baby sit, yard sales, eBay sales, buy and sale for higher, create a product and it gets picked up by retail outlet/store/QVC and sells out, you invent something, you have a viral video on YouTube, you get cast in a TV series, you get a book deal, you make commission, you create a business, you find a cure for a disease.....
What about writing down what you want? When did you write out what you want?
Did you put down a specific date and time you wanted it by?
Here is some goal setting help: Brian Tracy Goal Setting

4. I am loving and blessing all and all are loving and blessing me.

Blessing others is the fastest way to be open to receive blessings yourself. You are LOVED! Smile.
Just watch and see how quick someone will bless you back out of the blue.
Giving 10% of what you back, donating to charities, volunteer for charities, helping out a neighbor, watching a cat or dog for a friend, helping a widow, helping the sick, helping the elderly or single parents, etc...
So next time a little old man with walker is crossing the street help him get safely across the street and then watch your blessing. Just watch out for the cars, please. Safety first.
Be a superhero to yourself and ask for more abundance and accept more abundance into your life.
Be your own fairy God Mother and bless your mind, thoughts, words, visual pictures and emotions with abundance.
5. I am  receptive to receiving unlimited abundance and money.

Remember what it was like to get the present you wanted. Feel the joy. Feel the excitement. Feel the love. Feel the emotion of receiving good things. You DESERVE it. Enjoy the idea and feeling what it is like to be able to take first class vacations to Venice, Italy, South of France, Norway, London every year.
Indulge your senses to accept and be happy with pampering yourself with luxurious things you like.
Do you like going to a spa and getting a massage? When is the last time you treated yourself?
Send out signals to your mind that you like and enjoy being pampered.
Do you like getting gifts, presents, flowers, perfume?
Enjoy and savor receiving. It's fun. It's fun to be a receiver of presents, money, abundance, love, health and good things.
Great read: Napoleon Hill "Law Of Success" & "Think And Grow Rich."

6. I am a money magnet.

Visualize more money coming into your checking and savings account and it grows every money.
See your money increases and increases. Remember "Jack And The Bean Stalk?"  See your money growing all the way to the sky. Conquer your OLD BELIEFS about money that were handed down to you. Conquer your fears about having a lot of money. Conquer your money obstacles and get more out of life so YOU CAN ENJOY IT BETTER.
The COIN was found to be one of the most powerful symbols to the brain. Visualize this and increase your bank account now. Your family will thank you. You will thank you.
Close the doors on old/negative beliefs and open the door to more and more money flowing in.
There is PLENTY for ALL of us. This is an unlimited universe. Get yours now. "Oh, butler I'd like my tea now." How fun is this. Get pampered. Treat yourself. It's fun and feels wonderful. Just think you don't have to wash dishes and get to sip out of top china.

7. I am receiving abundance of money that I can not spend it all.

Ask for more! Ask for raises, bonuses, commissions.

Be confident in your walk and talk and others will be confident in you and give you more money.
The worlds largest diamond. Be brilliant and shine. Let your life let you shine. Abundance can let you shine and do what you love and even have extra to help out others and your favorite charities. Remember a diamond started out as a chunk of coal.

8. I am loving and loved.

Love is the greatest healer of all. Love yourself, ask for more money, success, prosperity, wealth, fun, joy, love, health, intelligences, answers, etc.
The famous love bridge in Paris. Make a committment to love yourself. Let yourself have abundance.
Be worthy of receiving money. Money is great for your dream home, car, boat, vacation, dream job but you got to ask for it and go get it. Make your dream a reality now by allowing yourself to have it.
Let/love yourself have abundance. Now. Now.

Love is great. Lovely things you like and have money for are even better.

9. I am enjoying wealth and success in my life now.

Get a kick out of the good things in life. Be the very best you can. Do what you love and ask the universe to open up the pathway to success. Ask for the answers. Ask for the right contacts. Ask to be in the right place at the right time. Ask to meet the right people who can help elevate you. Do. Take action. Be positive, be receptive to all good things and abundance now. It's fun to recieve abundance of money after all your home and bills are paid for . Having more than enough is awesome! Invite more money into your life and receive it now.

10. I am a receptor for the abundant flow of money from the universe.

Be ready for great new wonderful things in 2014.
My purse is overflowing with hundred dollar bills and flows out. I have to put the millions of hundred dollar bills in suitcases and bring them to my checking and savings account by trucks.
My life is full with abundance, money, wealth, success, love, joy, happiness, health and million dollar ideas and millions.

Stop looking for money and just ask yourself to let you have it. Be ready for money. Say yes, I deserve to have extra money and my savings account grows daily!!!
Life is beautiful. Love life and it will love you back. Start by loving yourself first. Be good to you and ask for more money!

Get ready to enjoy a better life and increased wealth. Do you know what your dream home looks like and how will you decorate it. Do you see yourself eating dinner in your new home? See it. Believe it. Ask for it. Receive it.

Practice, practice and try try again. Ask for small things until you are ready to create, pull, ask, attract and magically pull in more, more abundance into your life in 2014 and BEYOND!

Practice makes perfect. Start by starting with affirmation #1 or your favorite. Create your own.

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