Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Villa Party up Mulholland Drive near Calabasas

Villa Party up Mulholland Drive near Calabasas and guess whose house I mean mansion it is?
"Oh, yeah, dreamy, tall, dark and greek John Stamos."
So driving up the long driveway up the hill a Kardashian is sighted driving down the winding Mulholland road.
The girls are dressed to thrill and looking for a fun time. Step into the white marble entrance and walk into a sunken living room with roaring fireplace. A waiter walks by with a tray of tuna tartar and the only thing one would like to devore is the Calvin Klein underwear model who is sporting the waiter outfit tonight.
Time to walk to the bar in the kitchen area as it is always fun to chat with new people while getting a drink.
Yes, I'll have the Cote De Rhone. A square jawed preppy blonde with Danish accent opens the wine and pours my glass. This is going to be a fruitful night. I wonder if he'd like to be my Heathcliff.
Step out to the terrace and gaze at the pool with cascading waterfall. The fireplace keeps the air brisk while looking at the hillside view. The moon light glistens over the rippling water and another server with a silver tray has champange. Great timing as I take a glass and sip to the wonderful world of Hollywood where dreamers come and go but some get to shine bright.
I step back to the dining room and sit at the big wooden table set for a King's feast. A gentleman from Ireland is eating a salad. He has an intensity about him with the assurance that he knows what he wants. The Irishman shares his success by showing his latest project on his I-phone. Impressed and delighted to get a sneak preview his latest accomplishment. He has a successful video game and now a new TV show greenlit by a studio. Success, fame and fortune are the cream of the crop and it must feel good to achieve your ultimate fantasy goals in entertainment.
The night continues as the young dashing valet asks if we have a black mercedes. Almost everyone turns and has to figure whose car it is and give him their key. One must drive in style while in Los Angeles. It is all about your style even if you have not made it yet.
So.... many bubbly drinks later it is getting late and numbers are exchanged and heading home down the winding Mulholland drive. If Jimmy Dean were alive I wonder if he'd been there at the party or driving home now.
Text. Text. "Hey!"
Oh yeah, the hottie texted me.
Geeze I didn't even remember giving him my number.
Time for another invite to great party but for now I have to get ready to go out on my
 lunch date.
Sunset of course.
Oh, time to sign off I've got to go.
Have fun and get ready for your Hollywood Party invite....


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