Monday, December 29, 2014

Act As If You Are A Millionaire & Manifest Becoming A Millionaire

So you want to be a billionaire? Millionaire? Are you manifesting this into your life correctly?
What? How do you do it?

You have to vibrate at having it without sarcasm, denial, doubt, negative self talk, disbelief, old habits, old patterns, gossip talk among those without money, family money ideas opposite of having money and anything else that will make a negative charge on your money charge!!!

You must act as if the money is coming into your savings account 100% as true.
You must pretend it is true.
You must believe or act as if your million dollar payday is real as peanut butter goes with jelly.
Make it fun.
If you sarcastically say I am going to be a millionaire then the vibration is negative and vibrating lack.
If you pretend and skip around the room with childlike faith who wrote her Christmas list and mailed it to Santa I am going to get a check/checks for million dollars. You are vibrating in abundance.
Remember it can happen easily, quickly and fast for good things, abundance, increase so get ready.
Practice 10 minutes a day to welcome your hearts desires. It it fun! How fun is it to have your wishes come true. There is plenty for all. If someone else gets a acting role, cover of magazine, job raise, wins lottery, buys new car, goes on vacation, becomes a YouTube star be happy because their success does not take from your success/money. That is real secret.

Wow, you don't have to be jealous or envious of other successful people as that will just pull your vibration down to lack. So, say "Yeah! Good for them as my success is coming to me too! There is plenty to go around!" Rejoice and be happy for others success. Why? It will increase your success!!!
Cheer for others and you are actually cheering for your good fortune, too!
Make a book, poster, collage of things you want. Look at them daily waking up and before going to bed. Rejoice they are coming and act as if they are coming. Prepare for your dreams to come true. Don't mope around if you don't have your boyfriend? Get your hair done, work out, eat right, go shopping, taking cooking classes and practice horse back riding. Stay busy with wonderful thoughts of your amazing handsome, brown eyes, brown hair, preppy, respectful, smart, successful, sweet, loving, faithful and fun boyfriend you are meeting now!!! (Insert your descriptive words for your mate :)

When one the last time you played make believe? I played pirates, Gilgians Island and everyone was smiling and laugh and had a great time. Pretending is fun. It isn't hard. Anyone can do it and it actually makes you laugh that you are creating your hearts desires. Guess what? What you want wants you too! So go for it. Ask and pretend away. Just know, that shinny new Mercedes is on its way, that paid 2 week vacation to Paris, France is on its way. The home, the money the boyfriend are coming right now. Prepare and act as if it is true. You know why there is the saying, "Be careful of what you ask for?" Because it comes true. So might as well ask for things, situation, life style that will bring you happiness  & joy.
Isn't it a bright and beautiful future ahead. Always be positive, grateful, thankful for the good in your life. Focus only on good things that you want and create more good things. Watch your words when speaking about non-positive things as that is a magnet for more of those things. Practice with you friends and make it a game: "Let's manifest good things in our lifes by pretending we have them now." Be happy for others to keep up your positive money magnet creating vibration.  You are what you say, think, focus on so might as well act as if you have money, love, success, joy, fun, happiness and good things in your life. Guess what? It benefits you and makes you happy. So do it. Go for it Be happy and take charge of your thoughts now. Act as if you are successful, abundant and happy. ") Watch how fast things start manifesting for your good right now.

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