Monday, November 17, 2014

New Social Media Website Pays You for posting content! The new better Facebook!

Move over Facebook there is a new social media website that pays you to do what you usually do on Facebook. Facebook doens't pay you but Tsu pays users 90% of revenue ad!!!! You just need invite code:  
You are invited by me & this is my user code. Click above link and sign up.   
Hey Facebook pay us or we are all moving to Tsu to get paid!  Make money today by posting your favorite quotes, photos, shares & videos and enjoy the life of earning profit like a celebrity!
How do you get on Tsu? You just need a member invite. Click link & sign up as new user.
You ready to enjoy money for already doing what you do on social media every day? Happy Holidays and watch the $$$$$ flow.
You are invited by me & this is my user code;
Just type or copy: JackTheBearBook.

TSU.CO is a new social media website that is blowing up quick online already. They pay users 90% of the ad revenue of content posted. The website was created & launched by venture capitalist Sebastian Sobczak.
If you decide you want to get paid for your posts, pictures, videos & sharing then this is a great easy way to make money doing what you already do on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. but share in profit revenue.
Happy Holidays to all as this is a great way to make money while having fun on your social network.
If you decide to join the only way is to be invited with a code.

Here is my code and invite:
JackTheBearBook. **    ***

click link and sign up:     ***

I am a writer/filmmaker and owner of over 50 Facebook groups to help people network and make money.   over 10,000 members

Tis the season to be jolly as you finally will get paid to post and share in 90% of the revenue from your social media site. Why post for free and let FB have all the dough?   Cheers and have a very Merry Holiday and money in your pocket/paypal account :)

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