Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Ultimate Money Affirmation Ever!!!!

This is the ultimate money affirmation ever. It is awesome, great and wonderful!
Sharing this money mantra so you will be blessed and have an increase of money in your life.
Set goals. Believe. Be positive.
The best money video for your soul, brain, thoughts and happiness.
Money is a joy and great feeling. Feel the joy and bliss of being rich now!

Wealth, abundance and money are yours if you just relax and receive the flow now.
Millionaire questions:
Money abundance video.
I love money and money loves me.
Money is good energy.
Money is energy. Speed up money to you: guided mediation from Israel.
Millionaire Mindset!
Ancient Money attraction:
Money is enjoyment to buy things you need and even blessing others.
Money piles up. I want it like a Kardashian!
Money is a blessing.

Be wealthy, healthy and wise.
Be a money magnet now.
Be comfortable with money. Enjoy it. Love it. Pretend, act and do enjoy being rich.

I love money and money loves me.
I enjoy money and the freedom it brings.
Do you have a healthy attitude about being rich?
Change your money thoughts to wealthy thoughts of the good life now.

Money provides for you and your family. Money allows you to buy your dream home, maintain your dream home and be a blessing to others like charities for kids, animals, Forrest, the sea, patents, inventions, research, medicine, cures & more!
Extra money in your savings account means money to buy first class airline tickets to stay at four star hotels and go on yearly vacations to see the world!  Money is exciting, dynamic, awesome, beautiful and gives amazing freedom to enjoy life in a luxurious state of enjoyment.

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