Monday, December 29, 2014

Tapping for a Million Dollars

Tapping for a Million Dollars.
Start out a test run to tap for $50,000.00 or $1,000,000.00 in your savings account. See it, draw it, believe it & call it! Just pretend it is same thing as asking for $1.00 Don't make it a big deal to get. Make it easy as finding a penny on the street.

Try it because it just might work and wouldn't that be fantastic for you.
Imagine getting those new fluffy firm pillows for your bed instead of having the same ole
uncomfortable flat pillow. Manifest money without a job. Doesn't have to take long to ask the Universe for your desires. Oh wow, Yes. It can happen quickly, lol. Remember decrease your resistance/doubt, questions, old - negative thinking. Watch your words, actions, thoughts, beliefs & emotions. There is plenty for all so get yours now!

Result money to buy without quilt or worrying if you get something new you have to suffer later.
Yes, more money please without the quilt or worry of how to budget money later!!!
Watch weekly. Remember create your list for Santa ok your manifesting list of things you desire.
The American Dream is to own their own home. Do you have a dream? Did you begin to loose faith in your dreams? It's not to late for your fairy tale to come true. Just start today and believe again. Have the faith of a little kid who wanted that red bike for Christmas! What about those new Egyptian 100% cotton sheets you want for your bed? Don't you need 7 sets to change every day of week? How nice would it be to be able to have extra money have your bills, rent, mortgage, car payment is paid? How nice would it be to be able to spend money on things you like, enjoy, make you comfortable, happy and feel better? It is better for the soul to feel good than to feel less comfortable?

  How much safer is it for you to drive to work in a new car with new tires and new brakes than an old car with old tires, worn out brakes and leaking engine? It is just a better for you and safer. Plus, it makes you feel so good to be in a new shinning car. Can't you smell the new leather? Wow, it feels amazing to have nice things plus safer!! You actually feel happier and your soul is shinning as you are treating yourself to good things. Your worth it! Everyone is worth it. You are here to enjoy the fruits of your labor. This world is rich and full of beauty from flowers, trees, birds, animals and the kind human spirit. Love again. Love yourself again. If you forgot to love yourself it's ok. Just say, "I love you." "I forgive you." "I will allow myself to enjoy wonderful things in life!." Say  yes, to yourself. Manifest video to help create money :)
What is the one thing you really want? A home, a car, a boyfriend, a career, more money, a puppy or.....? It's ok to have it. A home is a foundation to make yourself happy and enjoy the things you like. Where would you like to live: on the beach, river front, tree lined street, in the hill, a gated neighborhood, a suburb? Is it one story, two story, three story with an elevator and indoor pool?  Isn't it fun to think about the things that would bring you joy, happiness and pamper yourself? Yes pamper yourself like a Kardashian! Why not? You deserve the life of Cinderella in act II and III. Create your happy ending story now.
Ok your just not used to pampering yourself. Try this. Pretend you have a baby named...You. (your name insert here.)  Wouldn't you want the best for your baby? Wouldn't you dress your baby in nice clothes and shoes? Wouldn't you decorate the bedroom really cute and have warm soft blankets? Don't you feed him/her the best healthy food? Don't you like taking them hiking or to the beach? Treat yourself to a getaway vacation! Everything works out once you book the ticket. The neighbor is able to watch the dog or cat for a low price and you get a complimentary ride to airport for baking cookies for a friend.
See yourself happy, on vacations with that umbrella and fruity cocktail in your hand. Picture yourself waking up from comfy bed and running down the stairs to open presents on Christmas day. Because today is the best day of your life to be good to yourself. Remember on the plane they say help yourself first before you can take care of anyone else. A strong foundation like the trunk of  tree and grow and help those around. You are awesome. You are loved. You are worthy. You are. Time for you to love yourself. Try it. You'll find yourself smiling. Just try. I see a giggle and a new tinkle in your eye. Let us do it together. Let us experience more joy, more fun, more nice things for ourselves.

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