Friday, August 29, 2014

Have a great YouTube Channel? It just might get bought by film company!

Have a great YouTube Channel? It just might get bought by film company!
Film & TV casting board Los Angeles is searching for the best talent in Los Angeles to create shorts, sketches, web series to build a channel and get over 1 million subscribers. Are you a actor, writer, director, editor, crew, sound, costume, make up, PA, set design, post production, special effect, hair, producer or?

Getting the audience leads to great things your talent being seen and then the money flows. Do you have great story or talent? We would love to hear from you to be part of our success team. Don't wait for your dream to fall into your lap. Successful people work all the time on their craft and have a team.

Inspiration: Legendary Acquires Felicia Day's Geek & Sundry Network which is great news for actors, writers, directors, animation, comics, Hosts, experts, Geeks, producers and crew in Los Angeles. Why wait for audition to maybe get a line when you can be a lead or ensemble of a great team and have creative control? Let you light shine or fall behind as others dominate on YouTube because they are creating and doing.

Would you like to have this happen to you? Yes then let us know you want to be part of the new channel of artists to kick butt on line like: Los Angeles has the best talent in the world so join  Los Angeles artists now to create the best on the internet and win!!!

"The production company behind films like The Dark Knight, Pacific Rim, and Godzilla just made a significant addition to its digital portfolio. Legendary has acquired Geek & Sundry, the online video network run by Felicia Day.
Since 2012, Geek & Sundry–which originally launched as part of the YouTube Original Channels Initiative–has served as a home for nerd-friendly web series like Wil Wheaton’s TableTop, Bryan Singer’s Spooked, and, for its final season, Day’s The Guild. The network has also created a small community of vloggers who present their thoughts on various geeky subjects.
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Seeking Geeks, artists, writers, actors, crew, directors and writers now: It is Elementary the key to success: Be part of a group and make it happen.

"Geek & Sundry will become an integral part of Legendary’s digital division, which also counts Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist Channel among its assets. As part of the deal, Legendary will work with Day to create several scripted and non-scripted series that will roll out across digital and traditional media platforms. Those series will feature Day as both creator and star.
The film studio’s connection to top sci-fi and fantasy franchises makes it an ideal partner for Geek & Sundry and its army of nerds. In a press release, Day claims that Legendary “aligns authentically with my audience’s interests,” and she’s right. Legendary often leverages YouTube channels to help promote its upcoming films, and Geek & Sundry fits into that process well.
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Seeking Geeks, artists, writers, actors, crew, directors and writers now: Join our group on Facebook so we can network and meet to make a great channel featuring great shorts, topics, web series, animation and more!

A sample of TV web series pilot of what we can do with no money and shot in 1 day! "The Zombie Diaries" directed & created by Marylin Hebert
Women empowering others to help us grow into our potential as artists.
Check out my pilot "The Zombie Diaries- The Survival Games"
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