Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Roman Holiday... Eat, Pray & Love Alot!

Have you ever watched "Roman Holiday" or read the book "Eat, Pray Love" and then wanted to go out and have yourself a Duck Dynasty good time as a tourist?  Well, it is summer and it is time to go, go, go. Eat, eat. eat.  La Dolce Vita, the sweet Italian life! My cousin who just baked a home made tiramisu (means to pick up) is tempting enough to start packing & hope to meet someone pick up worthy-soul mate worthy!
I recently had time to soul search after my beloved family pet a Chow Akita went to heaven. My whole world turned upside down. I was never alone and always had company as she was like a roommate, boss, leader, comedian, bread winner, poet, intellect, lover, etc. My
dog had her very own human friends!!! She'd love to walk this castle moat and help me meet prince Charming.

So hear I am defined as a girl with a dog and now am dog-less, unmarried and lost in this big old world. I was alone and didn't like it. I was by myself with my dog but now without her I was really, really by myself. I was walking home and found a book "Talking To Heaven" which was very comforting. It even had a part where he communicated with a dog who passed over who told the owner she was going to get a white Husky. I had fostered two white Huskies. They needed to stay together and my landlord was like "Hey, we need to talk. You should only have one with your budget."  So, I found both these dogs a owner who agreed to take them both. Once again, I was alone.

I had a certain since of comfort with my dog that now I don't have anymore. She was my rock. So, I found myself soul searching, crying to God, pleading to God, writing to God, reading about God and just floundering around helpless. It's hard to tell people life sucks without my dog but it just does. Not any dog but my dog helped me and now she is gone. I sit and have to look in the mirror and say "I am alone. I am all by myself."  I have no one to love anymore. Oh, sure I have myself, I have God and thankful for my lil life. My lil life is just that. What is my purpose? Why hasn't my art sold? Why aren't my pitches a go? Why don't I have a book agent? Why don't I have a book publisher? Why? Why? Why? I just spiral down the dark pity hole leaving a ringing of "life sucks" behind.
So, reading book after book. I find "Eat, Pray, Love" and it reminds me of people who seem to discover God within and have a break through in their life. You indulge in their journey and enjoy the ride through someone's words and actions. I wish, I was cruising around on a Vespa in Italy or a bike in Bali or the South of France. One problem, you need money. Not just a lil money but a certain amount to get the plane ticket, pay your rent while you are gone, food money, travel money, hotel money, souvenir money, emergency money and money to have a drink with new friends. Plus, it is hot summer holiday!

You can look into home vacation exchanges  I got excited until I saw farmhouse, pool, tennis court want to exchange for South of London, England or Ireland. Hmmm, haven't seen one yet for small guest cottage in Hollywood willing to take care of "dog" that I will get.
It was fun to fantasize seeing the world through these vacation home exchanges. A glimpse into the life of some wonderful family growing fruit with flocks of ducks roaming through their Chalet. Oh, well all I seem to be able to do is read more books and look at photos on Pinetrest. The world is so beautiful and lovely as I glance at the photos people are sharing. I re-pin a lovely waterfall in Japan to my travel board. I should just change the name to wishful travel thinking board.  Great my friend on facebook wrote she is going to Italy. In the fifteen years I've known her she has never once spoke of going to Italy. Everyone is going to have yummy pizza in Italy. For some reason the pizza doesn't tastes the way they make it in Naples,Italy. Not even the Italian espresso tastes the same even though it says from Italy. I guess vacations make everything taste better. But one must diet to loose the 15 pounds one will gain while eating in Italy. It is worth every delicious, creamy, buttery, savory, salty, sweet and hearty bite!
 Indulging in Naples, Pizza. You buy one and fold it with the white paper and eat hot. 1 spring of basil, 1 slice of mozzarella, vine ripe tomatoes sauce and wood oven hot! Delectable Heavenly pizza!!!

For now, I am roasting in the high temperatures of California sun but at least it's better Florida heat. I can pretend all I want I am in the South of France or Lake Como but all I got is potted plants. My spinach plants kicked the buckets. Felt bad as don't know what happened to them but the mint is growing like wild fire. My good ole glass of two buck chuck and four nine cents just does not cut the cheese like a European vacation.

Time to watch "Roman Holiday" again and pretend a handsome Gregory Peck will give me ride on Vespa to see the sights with.   Dare to dream but to live is the only way! Go before you're knees are too crickety to carry you.  Ciao!

Motivators  Go, Eat, Pray & Love Alot!
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