Monday, March 17, 2014

Hollywood Studio Dog Adventures

I am trying out for a new raw food pet diet to be the spokes face for the campaign. Being flown first class to Hollywood is delightful but I don't' see the stewardess?
 Should I be worried? Stewardess? Oh, Stewardess? I feel cramped in some kind of Louis Vuitton dog cage. This is not first class, hey my clever owner tricked me by throwing dog biscuits into the kennel. Now I'm stuck in the under belly of the plane.  At least I have my alkaline water to sip on. Ooops, the plane just took a dip and so did I. Sorry Mum.

Flight lands and I start to bark to let my owner know to let me out. Designer label or no designer--- dogs do not like being caged up. "Humph!"  I smell sea air and feel warm sunshine. Good ole California. My fur loves that their is no humidity. My fair is soft and pretty.  Being picked up by a charcoal black  Escalade limousine. I am served a nice cool bowl of water.

The chauffeur opens the door and I jump into nice leather seats. I make a circle and then another circle and sit down. I poke my head out the window and check out all the other dogs hanging ten just like me.

  I wonder if everyone knows it's me. There are so many beautiful people everywhere. Ooooh, look a actress at a cafe. It's!!!! It's oh my gosh, what's her name? You know she's on that TV show were they have the Kings all fighting to be a king. You know the blonde who has those two dragons? "Game of Throne's" girl. She is sooo good. Hello? She saw me. She's waving. Oh yes, I've arrived-- to Hollywood finally!!!

The limo drives down Hollywood Blvd just pass the Mann's Chinese theater. Everyone is dressed up as if it is Halloween. I see a Sponge Bodge. He's looking rather shoddy. A strange version of Mickey Mouse, a Cinderella princess and transformers!!! This is the big time!

Time for my walk so where else should I go except Runyon canyon. Everyone is so fit and dong some kind of exercise. I like the yoga class but get kicked out as I just had to go to the bathroom. I saw grass so technically what are the yogi's doing in my bathroom?  On wards up the hill because there are so many dogs here. Hello. Bow Wow Wow to you too.

 Some cool fans have come out to get my autograph. Now the things with fans is that some can be annoying so rule of thumb get them afar. Oh, here they come. Hi, here's my paw-graph. Hey, they took off with my dirty laundry. Welcome to fame and fortune as the new star of  Canine Raw Treats.

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At July 13, 2014 at 2:15 AM , Blogger Haddock said...

Very true - Designer label or no designer--- dogs do not like being caged up.


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