Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Manifest Your Millions By Aligning Yourself With Your Vibrations

What is a vibration? What is aligning yourself with your vibration all about?
The Secret, how does it work?
The first secret is watch your conversations with your family and friends!
1. When speaking to others don't complain! You'll get sucked into the vibration alignment of
2. Solution: "Make believe all is well in your world even if it is not."
You must have a group code not to ask finance questions and if they do you must be able
to speak, talk positively about your money situation as IF YOU HAVE PLENTY OF MONEY, EXTRA MONEY, INFINITY MONEY, MILLIONS OF MONEY,

a. Remember do not talk to family or friends nor anyone that you can not say out loud:
Don't be a prisoner of doom with your words. Your words can cut like a knife. So say good things about yourself, money and life and make it come true even though currently it has not yet manifesting to your money liking!
"My fiances are great and money keeps pouring in. I always have a large reserve of money for everything I need. I can always buy new homes, new cars, jet planes, new clothes, new designer purses. I enjoy spending money as I know new money comes in to replace what I spend. It is fun to buy the $10,000 Charity dinner table because my money is always pouring into my checking and savings account. The universal supply is infinite and there are plenty of billions for my millions to keep flowing to me. See the new amazing vision of yourself & life. Not the ole Cinderlla you stuck in Act I. See Act II the Ball and forever happy castle life with prince charming act III. Hold vision!!

b. Have fun conversations about money. Make it a game. You'll soon be laughing and smiling just talking about all the new things you are going to do and buy. Imagine letting yourself have pretty well made, good quality designer dresses, shoes, purses. Don't you feel wonderful wearing that perfectly tailored cotton Prada dress? You feel confident as you drive your brand new paid in full G Mercedes car. The leather seats are brand new and the smell is refreshing. You feel happy and it feels so right to have a new and safe car to drive. And the car is paid in full with the insurance paid for the year. You have a gas card for $1,000.00 in your Louis Vuitton wallet of your Fendi purse.You are smiling and you look stunning with your new multi-high lighted blonde hair that your stylist just gave you. You are having lunch with friends you are treating and you bump into a gentleman. He notices your glow and smile. There is a inner shine that is magnetic that he can not reist. He says politely, "Hello."  You smile because he is the type of guy you've been dreaming about. Tall, brown hair, brown, eyes, preppy, smartly dressed and well fitting new jeans. He asks if he can give you his card and take you to lunch."  Dare to hold the dream in your head. Don't be scared to dream big!

You are now a deliberate creator of your wants that you have hid and would not allow yourself to have before. Now why would you not allow yourself to have plenty of money wheter it is $10 million dollars, $100 million dollars or $1 million dollars. It is only a number but when you have more than enough money after all your rent, mortgage, car, credit cards, bills are paid your life is more enjoyable, more fun and you feel alive because you ALLOW GOOD THINGS FOR YOURSELF. If you don't love yourself-not allowing yourself to have more good, nice new clean things, new car, new purse, new shoes, new clothes, new sheets, new bed, new dishes, new phone, new hair color then you have given up on yourself and forgot the Universe is full of PLENTY FOR ALL. You know there is a ultimate and best plan for your highest good. Go get it and enjoy the good life!!

 Once you understand there is plenty for all and anyone can ask to receive more money to have nice new things to bring happiness, comfort, beauty, joy, fun and a wonderful feeling!!! Then you'll understand it is right, good and okay to have more than enough money that is always flowing in your life, bank account for you to enjoy.  Life is made to enjoy. Look at all the beautiful flowers. You already experienced all the other aspects opposite of more than enough. It is time to enjoy plenty, money, wealth, abundance, love, fun, beauty, luxury. Pamper yourself. Love yourself. Allow for new nice things to flow abundantly and permanently in your life. Doesn't it feel great to get those weekly massages, steam bath, sauna beauty treatments that make your body feel super fantastic? Don't deprive yourself ever again because you always have more then plenty, more than enough flowing money to spend after all your rent/mortgage, car and bills are paid for. It is official you are rich with the flow of abundance from the universe. You are in the flow starting now. Accept it now.

How comfortable are you with Millions of Dollars?
Would you enjoy driving around a brand new Mercedes? It is paid in full, insurance paid for the year, you have a gas card for $1,000 and it is under a 3 year warranty.
You forgot how to drive? Well, How comfortable are you having a driver to drive you around
in your brand new Merecedes? You have a paid choufer for the year.
Now, your eyes are lighting up. You have a twinkle in your eye and you are cracking a smile.
So, you want to be driven around because it has been so long dreaming about a new car that you forgot how to drive.
Don't worry the driver will take you on test drives until you are behind the wheel enjoying driving to the beach, the grocery store, to the mall to shop and going to lunch with friends. It's just like riding a bike you never forget.
Start practicing to be comfortable with having luxury and nice things in your life.
Go for test drives.
Go to nice hotels and sit in lobby and walk around.
Go to pricey neighbor hood and jog or walk your dog.
Make yourself comfortable so you make being rich a habbit like a cozy warm blanket.
Let your mind accept you being joyfully happy as a rich millionairess.
Let your mind accept your being comfortable as a rich person.
Say yes to your comfortable happy rich life.
"Yes to my comfortable rich life."  "I love my new sofa, home with spiraling wooden staircase with marble floors and heated indoor pool which I easily afford and never have to worry about the bills."

How comfortable are you with a Two Story Mansion?

You are behind a gated community and your home is surrounded by green hedges and a gate with long driveway. You have just finished decorating the home with a top designer. You are being creative. You picked out brand new furniture. You got new microwave, new toaster, new blender, new stainless steel top of line cooking pots, double stove, pizza brick oven and new China lead free beautiful cups, plates and silver silverware. You have stimulated the economy with your purchases. You have new towels for the bathrooms, new beds, new Egyptian cotton seats and wool blankets. You even purchased paintings and art for your estate. You have pretty flowers all around the home. You have an assistant, maid, gardener and pool man. You have created employment and work for others. You get offered a cover spread in a architectural magazine. See your family eating dinner in your new home. See laughter and fun with family and friends who enjoy coming to your mansion.  See the wine being poured. Delicious and fine tasting wine and scrumptious salmon dinner with sauteed brocoli and spinach. Smell the coffee brewing as the apple pie is baking. Your home is a wonderful place where you can invited family, friends and even throw a charity party to raise money for good. Wow, isn't it wonderful this mansion brings so much joy, happiness, fun, creativity, comfortable and fantastic memories of good things!!!

 People ask for you to decorate their home and you start a hobby that turns into a lucrative creative high paid career. Your home is so comfortable, inspiring, joyful that you finish that novel you always wanted to write. Your designer knows a publisher and makes the introduction and you get a book deal. People buy your book and it sells over 100 million copies. Your book is turned into a movie and TV show. You have a offer from a Toy company and dolls and stuffed animals are made after your characters. Kids around the world are hugging your little bear from the title character of your book. Isn't this a good thing? Isn't it wonderful that kids are enjoying your creativity? Isn't it wonderful that your partners are making money with your ideas and creativity? People are reading your books and liking them? These are all positive and good things and brings joy to others.
Your home has extra bedrooms so your family from Europe can stay with you and you can see them. Have wonderful memories with them. Isn't this what life is truly about? Family, friends and loved ones. Creating a beautiful home to invite them over to enjoy each others company with. Say yes to a wonderful life of plenty and flowing money of abundance

Or you can say I'm just going to stay small and safe and comfortable right here where no one hears me or sees me. I'm not sure if they will like me? I'm not sure if I like me? I'm not sure if I am ready or good enough. I think I'll hide in misery because that is all I know. What if the Beetles didn't believe they were good enough? Not talented enough? Not handsome enough? Not ready? Scared of success? Scared of going forward? Scared of being heard? It is time to shine. It is time to say yes to your new successful, prosperous and abundant life of fun!

Which is more right?
Which would be for your highest good?
Which would bring more joy, more money, more work for others?
Which makes your soul shine?
Which would help your Mom, Dad, sister, brother, boyfriend, Husband, daughter, son, dog, charity, friends more? Just ask any scientist, Sherlock Holmes and he'd deduced the right path for you is the highest path for you to enjoy millions, plenty of money, flowing money, success, prosperity, 2 story homes, new cars, abundance, book deals, marriage, vacations, luxury.  Say yes now to flowing money!

Which would you be able to help your favorite dog charity, animal charity, wild life charity, hospital charity, children charity, people charity more?
Which path would honor your soul more?
Which path is happier?
Which path is saying I love you?
Which path is actually more unhealthy?
Which path is unsafer and puts you in harms way (old ratty car with worn out brakes you don't have funds to fix)?
Which path is more creative?
Which path does your soul shine more? More money is good for all! Let them eat cake and be happy!

You just have to choose to say yes to the possibilities of allowing more good things to come to your life.

You can choose to align yourself with good, positive, beautiful, prosperous, successful, vibrations.

If you can't do it for yourself than do it for your art or someone you do care about and love.

How bad could it be to love yourself?
You can cry. Go ahead and cry. You weren't ready to allow yourself to have abundance because you thought you had to suffer. No. You don't have to suffer anymore. You don't have to claw, scratch, go without anymore. You paid your dues. Your paid your time. You paid the price.

It is time for your CINDERELLA DREAMS to come true now. Blow out your birthday candles and let your hearts desires manifest for your highest rich good now!

I am acting as your coach, cheerleader, fairy God Mother, speaker, person, human and someone who cares for you to say Yes to yourself and allow good to happen now.
What ever you are SCARED OF LET IT GO AND NOT WORRY. It will not be a problem anymore. All is forgotten. All is forgiven.  It is right to enjoy the good, abundant things of life. There is plenty for all and any one can enjoy the abundant flow of plenty in life.

Say yes and choose the highest good path for your soul now. It will bring benefit and joy to so many besides yourself. You just might have a fabulous invention, cure, book, design that will be enjoyed by so many.  I sprinkle the magic fairy dust on your life and say your good fortune is now coming to you for you to enjoy the rest of your life.

Today you have discovered you are amazing, beautiful, loved and have the ability to turn your life around and receive your plenty of money now. Receive your good now. Receive beautiful things now. Receive your hearts desires now. Remember what you want wants you too. Make them wonderful and exciting wants. Because whatever you want you get.

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