Friday, June 17, 2011

Boast About Your Acting

Just took a fabulous acting intensive with Russel Boast. Russel casted '24' and is the most delightful casting director. Doesn't hurt that he has a very cool South Africa accent. He is now casting 'Franklin & Bash.'
Russel armed us with great tips and tricks of the trade. Some things were very clever and simple but these insider secrets were just enough to empower you to do excellent in your audition.
I took Russel's advice and slammed my next two auditions. The more confident you are the better you do in a read.
How do you get confident? Prepare, prepare and prepare. Although there are many times that you just don't get more than ten minutes to read for a casting director you still need to find a way.
Acting isn't just about reading the lines. It's making those words sound real while actually speaking to the other person as truthfully in the situation as possible.
TV acting is completely different than Film. TV is usually fast and quick while Film is slow and simple. And, stage of course is big. Aka, Broadway. Learn the different styles and use them to your advantage. Practice, practice, practice. Then forget what you did. Do not over prepare. It will throw you off just as not preparing will.
Take classes and take workshops. Tell The Net Work Studio that Marylin sent you. Jenny is at 818.926.5977 Check them out to see which casting directors you'd love to study with.
At the end of the day, don't worry that your not a model or a teenager but whether you are working on your talent. Be brilliant at your craft and you will shine just as brightly as the other stars and maybe even more.


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