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Game Of Thrones: Costumes, Designs & Props

HBO's hit TV series "Game Of Thrones" is catching the public by fire. George RR Martin's fantasy book series "A Song Of Fire & Ice" is a cultural phenomenon. Some of the wonderful things you can see at the exhibit in New York are the hand made costumes, individual embroidery, fine details and skills that seem to be a tradition of a Kingly Kingdom.
If you didn't get to go to the exhibit here are some photos to view and take a tour on my blog. Enjoy.
 In the first season episodes Cersie Lannister had sweet birds which evolved into lions on her gowns in later episodes.

This is Cersei's gown which is done by Michele Carragher who embroiders fine bird details on the costumes by hand.
Dressing up is fun. Who do you want to play? If you go to the Venice Ball these outfits are great.  From left to right: Outfit worn by Joffrey Baratheon; the blonde boy who becomes King after the death of his father in a supposedly hunting accident.  a gown worn by Cersei Lannister, the mean blonde girl; Tywin Lannister’s armor; Tyrion Lannister’s armor; Jamie Lannister’s armor- the King Slayer.

What is the favorite color for royalty? Purple. Magnificent, deep purple.Almost all of the costumes are made for "Game Of Thrones" by Titanci Studios in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The fabric is even created just for the show. A loom is used to weave the fabric. Recognize this outfit? Our blonde boy, King Geoffrey who likes to play with automatic bows on girls.

Daenerys Targaryen is on the other side of the world gathering a army, growing dragons and sailing to take back her rightful heir as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Her costumes reflect her growing confidence.
Emilia Clarke the plays the Mother of Dragons.

Armor is expensive to make and that is why it looks so real and has a special effect creating this real Kingdom with authentic believe in The Hand of the King, Tywin Lannister's armor.

Girl armor is a little bit different as in tiny as they normally didn't fight on battle grounds just in the court with secrets, spies, betrayal, backstabbing and calculating alliances. Or could just be a nice metal belt with coat of arms design.

The Night's Watch cool treads. Costume designers paint wax onto the fabric to create the snow-worn look. Got to keep out the dead walkers.

The glamorous and beautiful costumes for the Lannister's are the envy of the Stark's who have a subdued look! The Stark's costumes created by Michele Clapton reflect the harsh, practical nature of the life in the North.

The Nights Watch. Wax is painted on costumes to create snow worn look.

Some of the characters who are on the ice cold snowy mountain side by the wall have cool boots that might set a new trend for Ugg boot makers. No? Ok just if you play a character on the show. Ygritte's boot the red head who falls for John Snow after he captures her. The detail on back are antlers near the crampons.

Sansa Stark her gowns and beautiful embordirey accents.

Cersei Lannister costumes are exquisite with fine hand embroidered detail.

Sweet bird details but be careful she just might strangle you in your sleep.
Things that the Momma Stark gets to wear. Fish collar! Do you think this will be a new fashion trend? Well we will miss you Catlyn Stark as the red wedding was not a happy fairy tale ending.

At least Sansa has a lovely flower gown as new wife of  Tyrion Lannister. She just has no luck. She should have left with little finger on the boat and escaped. Do you think she'll revenge her father's death and get Geoffrey or stay the quiet little flower?
The famous chair that the King of the moment sits in. It is full of knife like swords. Be careful to watch your back and head when you are the King or Queen.

To create this special world you need: crowns, diamonds, purses, jewels, pot of wild fire, authentic looking books and rubber fish.

What is your favorite costume and who is your favorite character? Who do you think gets it next?  Season 4 will be amazing. Thanks George RR Martin for creating exciting books, characters and stories.

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