Monday, July 29, 2013

Star in your own Reality Show!

Have you ever wondered how people apply for Reality Shows?
Well now is your chance to apply? What does it take and what are they looking for?
They want interesting people with a specific skill that is marketable, i.e. big personalities or a clever talent that people will tune in and watch.

Are you a expert at psychology? Are you a expert quilter? A champion judge at BBQ contests?
Are you a black belt teacher? Are you a winning attorney? A dococtor who has discoveries? Are you
a  psychic? Are you a cook with a passion in select region with big personality? Are you a best selling book author? Are you the best car mechanic in the world? Are you a technology computer hacker who can teach anyone about any modern gadget? Are you a millionaire from a interesting product and would like to share your world on TV?

This is a real casting alert so read details and I can submit you to casting. You do not have to be in Los Angeles for this casting. 
We are working with 5 of the biggest Reality Production Companies in Los Angeles and we need YOU!? What we need are characters. Groups of people in LA or out of LA.. Interesting Family owned businesses. Groups of women or men that work together or have a hobby that they do together. People with unique talents or interests?? We are not looking for concepts or show ideas we are strictly looking for interesting people to develop a show about. PEOPLE DO NOT NEED TO BE IN LA! Agency fee is standard 15%. Leave name/contact phone #/email/photo in body of text/youtube link with introduction of your specific talent/unique world/life: examples Pawn Shop, cake baker, duck hunter, ice trucker, rich world, Amish world, Tiera crown pageant kid world. It must be specific business or skill: knitting club, quilting club, yoga expert club, black belt club.... also leave message at Film Casting & Job Board Los Angeles
Good luck on your submission! Apply just follow steps and we will contact you if we would like to explore further.

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