Friday, June 17, 2011

Sail Into Acting With A Great Head Shot

It's all in the eyes. A great photo is worth every cent you can save. Casting directors look at a tiny thumb nail photo. So your face is what will either make them click on you or pass you by. Give the casting directors a look that will say "yes".
I just shot with James at FailSafe Photography. Tell James I sent you (310)595-5906. James takes his time and he shoots like a dedicated professional. Every shot is important to him. He makes sure the lighting is great, your hair and your outfit! I felt I was with someone who wanted a great picture even more than I did. And that is priceless.
The only way to tell if you picture is good is the response it gets. Remember no hits (or calls) then change it up and shoot again. If you are getting calls then your photo is working for you.
Casting directors prefer you look like your photo. You can choose to look like you on a "good" day. You can be the best you look. Not too touched up, i.e. ultra glam and not too under done. Just like Goldie Locks your photo needs to be in the middle which is just right.
If you are a "character" actor go for the fun looks. If you are a strong drama actor give us the powerful intense look. If you are commercial gives us the real happy smile that radiates a wonderful you. Show off your best talent look. Know your look and what roles you will play is helpful.
Take the time to prepare for your shoot. Bring the business look, commercial and actor look in. No pastel colors. No stripes. No patterns. Do you homework. It will pay off.
I am excited to get my calls and can't wait for my call backs. Soon, I will be booking work and so will you.


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