Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dreams Come True in Hollywood!

Everyone dreams of Hollywood and coming to be a star. Watching all the great black and white movies with legendary stars like Gretta Garbo, Veronica Lake, Ingrid Bergman, Sophia Loren, Bette Davis and many others have made girls dream of becoming this dynamic leading lady. Men dream too. Here is a list of both female and male classic stars to study up on and learn why they became legends. 
No one in Hollywood will tell you when you move here that dreams take a long time to become reality sometimes. Have you ever watched a singer/artist go up on stage for "America's Got Talent" and they person thinks they are fantastic and then 3 x's are buzzed. You're parents may think you are special and talented but the "judges" in Hollywood have another opinion. The young kid who got buzzed cried but try coming out to LA and you will not get rejected once but many many may times.
Can you handle being told no over and over again till you get your first little role? The lottery winners might have a fast track but the average actors path is slow and steady. How many obstacles can you jump over tell you make it?
Study, learn your craft and keep trying! You only get better and better.
My dreams just came true today and it took over 15 years of hard work, tears, pain, rejection and believing in myself.
To Dreams Coming True!

Classic Movie stars recolored:

Top 20 Greatest Black and White Classic films:


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