Thursday, July 21, 2011

How To Get A Good Agent

A agent needs a great head shot and needs the actor to be confident. Confidence is a major factor when you audition in front of producers and studio network executives.
1.Find a great photographer at under services. Go through the photos and pick the photographer who knows how to shoot a great drama and commercial head shot.
Dana Patrick is a well liked photographer
James at is a great photographer as well.
2. Work on your craft. Top 5 Acting Schools that are great:
Larry Moss at Edgemar Studo in Venice is great.
Tell Michelle Danner I sent you.
Ivana Chubbuck is great.
Adam Lazarer White is fantastic!!!
Howard Fine is wonderful
Margie Haber
Playhouse West Acting School Jeff Goldblum's acting school
Will Wallace a hidden class with real actor teaching film techniques
Joanne Barron/DW Brown Meisner class

3. Meet Casting Directors and Agents at professional events like: tell Joe I sent you. tell Daniel I sent you. tell Jenny, Melissa & Tim I sent you.
You can do showcases to meet both agents and managers.
Pick a great TV scene that showcases who you are and how you can be easily casted.
Market yourself. Are you a Mom, Doctor, Lawyer, Detective, Nurse, Housewife, Senator's Wife, Nerd, Computer tech, jock, teen, assistant DA or lead.
Leads: must look like a lead which means working out and looking like you can carry a 2 hour movie or hour TV show.

4. Enter TV show contests for exposure and marketing.
Shows like American Idol, The Glee Project and any online movie audition are really to introduce you to an audience that will get to know you and like you.

5. Mail your head shots in clear envelops to agents with short cover letter.
Many agents have open casting calls. Always call to make sure when before you go or look on line.
Daniel Hoff Agency West Hollywood has open casting 2-3 on Fridays
The Jack Lipman Agency Beverly Hills has open casting 10-12 weekdays.
The Polygon Group Burbank has open casting on Wednesday 1-3.
The Brogan Agency Venice has open casting on Wednesday 3-5.
Always ask other actors for referrals that you meet.
Actors should be other actors best friends as they could refer you to a agent or job.

6. Casting Directors usually like a post card which says that you are on a show or update your agent information. But they prefer mail only when it is for a specific role that they are currently casting.

7. Luck and persistence usually is the old fashion tools for success.

Good luck and I hope this helps.

Don't forget to check out my movie audition and let me know what you think!!! lol‚Äč/#/gallery/nad4VtScIvs

Thank you.

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