Monday, June 27, 2011

Auditing in Friendly Casting Office!

Auditioning at some casting directors offices can be like stepping into a Volcano that spits out hot fire, shakes and erupts with molten lava sparks. No matter how hot, you must remain calm, cool and confident under this pressure. Did I forget to mention there are alot of other actors in the room who think they have the role in their pocket and are not effected by the 8. quake that just happened.

Things like, did you read all 7 mini signs in the parking post start to swirl around in your head as you wait your turn to audition. "Was it 1 hour before 6pm or was that only on Sunday?" Do you know your lines, what is the motive of your character? No. What is your characters objective? What is your relationship to the other character? Shit. I haven't been in a relationship in awhile and now I have to imagine the pain of this guy cheating on me. Okay, that should be easy. But will it look real? Audition is running late. "Am I going to get a parking ticket? The girl in the high heels is talking to casting director like they are best friends. Does she have the part? Maybe she knows the director.

Panic. What are my lines? Wait....I know my lines. I know my character. All I have to do is focus and connect. Believe my truth right in the moment. I walk to the little room with the camera and the reader is sitting patiently. The casting director is waiting while I go to the spot marked with red tape. I slate and read my scene. Ahhhhhh, yes. This is the most actor friendly office. What lovely casting directors. I get a adjustment for second part of scene which is articulate and said specific easy to understand acting terms. Great redirection. I nail the scene and I leave.

I leave feeling great. I did my job. I performed my scene and leave. Do you get the part? Maybe not. Maybe next time. Or this could be my turn. No matter what, it's always amazing to get to perform a well done scene. I get the prize when my talent shines and delivers. It's a wonderful day when your performance is well received.

I can't wait to get my next audition at this actor friendly office.

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