Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First Day AT The Studio

Working on a studio is exciting and glamorous. First you need a pass clearance so you must show your ID. "Girls no going around this so they will know your age!" Rats. There are stages full of cameras, lights, sets, props and ghosts from the past. It is legendary that some of the black and white stars still hang around the sets. I'd love to chat with Chaplin or shake his ghostly hand. They are doing pick up shoots of "Dallas" right outside my window. I met a cute dog named "Kiwi". A well behaved movie pooch. It is truly inspiring to see all the crew and office workers running about.
I am busy with filing, copying, faxing, roll calling and typing. New people are being interviewed while the director, writers and producer have meetings.
It is truly amazing to see how a production comes to life. I just got my ID badge. "Yikes! I was just in Vegas for five days and rolled into work with no make up!" Why does Murphy's law operate like that?
So, here I am typing away hiding my photo revealing I have a life outside of the studio. I am on the very bottom of the ladder finally. Oops, excuse me, I have to get back to my copying and lunch must be ordered. I think the grilled brie with roasted veggies on a bed of spinach are perfect for my boss. Hmm, balsamic vinaigrette or blue cheese dressing? First step to success begins with the fine details.


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