Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Inside Experience Movie Casting Call

I just audition for a movie starring Emmy Rossum using social media youtube. My acting scene will be looked at by director DJ Caruso. The audience helps to select a unknown to be in the film by viewing their favorite contestants. View me here:

Do you want to audition for the film?
You simply pick a script. Learn the lines. Tape your scene. Upload to youtube. Copy your unique user link to contest site. Enter by following rules. This is a lot better than standing in line outside in the heat and waiting a full day to read for one open role. Trust me.

Now, people will view your taped scene against all the other actors so being a social wiz is a must and having lots of friends is even better. I wish I was Lady Ga Ga or Mark Zuckerberg right now as I would have lots of followers, too. Okay, maybe I don't wish I was a guy but you know what I mean-they have more than enough friends.

So, if you viewed my profiled and liked it Thank you. You are awesome. I hope that I win so I can start working and leave my high paying wonderful day job behind!!!

Oh, this is my link so you can let me know how you think I did.

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